Android Developer

Desired Skills and Experience Required:

  • At least 2 years’ experience with Android programming
  • Required API experience in intermediate to advanced UI, networking, multimedia
  • Extensive knowledge of Android’s resource system and experience developing for multiple screens, form factors, and densities
  • Experience with RESTful web services using XML/JSON data formats
  • Strong proficiency in Eclipse, ADT, command-line adb tools
  • Experience with SVN, Git, or other version control systems
  • Strong shell command-line and scripting skills

Highly desirable:

  • Experience with or exposure to a wide variety of Android APIs: e.g., location services, GCM, animations, gestures, in-app billing, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in Android-specific memory optimization techniques, especially bitmap management
  • Experience with Android WebView API, including JS interfaces
  • Proficient with one or more scripting languages
  • Have at least one app that you developed (or contributed substantially to) and released in Google Play

Please submit your resume and highlight

  • Your overall technical skills and background
  • Your relevant professional and academic experience
  • Your mobile-app development skills (mention example projects, which APIs were primarily used, number of months of experience, etc.)

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