Javascript Applications Developer

Required Background:
– Strong computer science fundamentals, including knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms.
– Strong systems fundamentals, including concepts such as representation of data types and memory management.
– Strong networking fundamentals, including knowledge of common web protocols (e.g. HTTP) and data formats (e.g. JSON, XML).

Required Skills:
– Proficiency in Javascript, HTML, and CSS
– Proficiency in designing RESTful APIs
– Proficiency in asynchronous programming, specifically in Javascript
– Proficiency in efficiently handling client-side network communication
– Proficiency and attention to detail in handling errors and edge cases in code
– Proficiency in testing and debugging Javascript code on both desktop and mobile devices

Optional Desired Skills:
– Ability to work efficiently in a Linux environment, including knowledge of common Linux commands
– Working knowledge of the Git version-control system and when to use common Git operations
– Familiarity with databases and SQL, specifically MySQL
– Working knowledge of command-line scripting languages to automate simple tasks

Preference will be given to candidates that can demonstrate following non-technical qualities:
– Self-motivation to learn new skills and gain proficiency in new technologies.
– Self-motivation to acquire technical knowledge and understanding of YinzCam’s existing systems through self-driven exploration of the source code, reading of documentation, and learning from other team members.
– Enthusiasm for helping the team and improving on its current practices.
– Willingness to assist with operations issues that arise outside of core business hours. Because YinzCam’s clients are sports teams, some issues may need to be handled during evening sporting events.
– Ability to solve issues in high-pressure situations, such as during live sporting events.

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