Senior Software Developer (iOS)

YinzCam Inc. seeks a Senior Software Developer (iOS) in Pittsburgh, PA, to be responsible for participating in the full software development lifecycle i.e., requirements elicitation, system design, development and testing, in order to develop the essential framework that drives YinzCam’s mobile applications. Specific duties include: (i) consulting with customers and/or YinzCam’s business representatives to determine the needs of customers’ computer application needs; (ii) analyzing user needs and software requirements to design and develop expert level objective c and swift code for iOS applications; (iii) formulating and designing software systems using analysis and mathematical models for the sustained performance throughput under heavy load, behavior under stress, and disaster recovery simulations to predict and measure outcome and consequences of designs; (iv) concepting, designing, building, deploying, testing, and releasing software applications; (v) identifying and correcting problems uncovered during testing and quality assurance processes to determine design feasibility within time and cost constraints; (vi) developing software testing procedures; (vii) innovating new features, such as augmented reality gaming, and interfacing with database and official league statistics teams; (viii) consulting with and advising customers regarding best software development practices and API designs; (ix) implementing best practices for developing iOS applications targeting multiple phone and tablet devices; (x) developing iOS resource systems for multiple screens, form factors and densities; and (xi) writing and maintaining software using system version control systems.

Must have a master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or directly related field plus five (5) years of experience in a related software development position.

Must have three (3) years of iOS experience.

Must have any experience with: (i) svn and/or git; and (ii) xml and/or json; Xcode, Advanced UI Implementation, Objective C & Swift.

Alternative requirements: bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or directly related field plus seven (7) years of experience in a related position (including the specific required experience noted above).

Experience can be concurrent.

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