App Spotlight: Portland Trail Blazers

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The Portland Trail Blazers, founded in 1970, are an NBA team playing in the Western Conference with an NBA Championship (1977) under their belt. Their home arena, the Moda Center, is located in the Rose Quarter, a sports and entertainment district in the heart of Portland, Oregon. A fun fact is the Moda Center’s one-of-a-kind “acoustic cloud,” consisting of 160 ceiling-suspended rotating acoustic panels that can be reconfigured to create different acoustic settings based on the type of live event. For Blazers’ home games, the acoustic cloud is reconfigured to create the effect of amplifying the crowd noise by reflecting the sound back down to the court. Exactly what you need for a high-intensity basketball game.

We are proud to work closely with Brian Matzat, Director of Digital Innovation of the Trail Blazers, to push the frontiers of mobile apps in sports. The official Blazers app contains everything a fan needs to know about the Portland Trail Blazers and the Rose Quarter. The mobile app carries content, scores, statistics, schedules, mobile ticketing, exclusive stadium features, and a whole lot more.

In May 2021, after the pandemic pause, the Moda Center re-opened its doors for the NBA playoffs, and the Blazers app showcased many unique features to support the fans’ safe return to the arena. For instance, we worked with the Blazers to implement a digital health-screening check in the app, to enable safe return to the arena. Our mobile-ordering feature allowed Blazers fans to order concessions through the app, right from their seats, and to pick up the food at an express window.

The Blazers app has many firsts for us. This was one of our first mobile apps to carry a “mode-switcher” feature with the ability for the fan to seamlessly toggle between the Portland Trail Blazers mode and the Rose Quarter mode, all from within the same app. The app has a uniquely-designed landing page with a grid of easy-to-access icons for different game-day utilities and experiences.

Your 24/7/365 mobile guide to Rip City

Use the app to stay in touch with the Blazers and the Rose Quarter, with:

  • Schedule of upcoming games for the NBA season
  • Team roster, including player profiles and player stats
  • A live Game Center, with media, recaps, and statistics in real-time, including the live box score, and statistics such as rebounds, turnovers, fouls, free throws, etc.
  • Media about the team, including news, videos, and podcasts
  • The latest standings for the NBA Western and Eastern conferences
  • Automated push-notifications for scores in Blazers games
  • Mobile food-and-beverage ordering to allow fans to order food with an express pickup-lane option
  • An interactive Moda Center map
  • The list of all upcoming events at the Rose Quarter
  • Mobile ticket-management for Blazers games and for live events at the Rose Quarter
  • Ability to view and buy Rip City merchandise.

We are proud to work with the Blazers on their thoughtful, well-designed, and highly engaging mobile app.

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