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Sit, order, drink. Right from your Houston Rockets mobile app.

We launched our mobile food-and-beverage ordering platform for sports teams and venues in 2017, and it has been used by several sports teams and venues since then. Our platform allows fans to order food and drinks to be delivered to their seats inside a venue, and also allows fans to do “express pickup,” which effectively means that fans can get their food faster by using the team/venue app.
One of the most unique variants of our mobile food-and-beverage ordering platform is the “BeerMe” product that we launched first with the Houston Rockets in the 2019–2020 season.

The Houston Rockets came to us with a unique idea to integrate our F&B ordering system with the beer hawkers that staff the Toyota Center during live events. The goal of this “BeerMe” initiative was simple — sit, order, drink!

Using the official Houston Rockets mobile app, the fan sitting in the stands of Toyota Center could select a beer (amongst other beverages) from a list of options, pay for it through app, and get it delivered right to their seat. The entire process was handled completely within the mobile app. The BeerMe feature was available to all Toyota Center event attendees.

We were proud to work closely with Zach Shelton, Digital Development Manager at the Houston Rockets, on the development and rollout of our mobile F&B ordering platform, with the addition of food options as well this past season.

BeerMe started as a luxury feature for our fans to avoid long lines during games. Now it’s an essential part of the customer experience that is growing with every event. BeerMe was a major reason we were comfortable having fans in the arena this past season, and we’re grateful we were ahead of the curve with this feature.
Zach Shelton, Houston Rockets

No more waiting in line for a beer at a Rockets game!

Just sit, order, drink.

Hear about the many innovations in the Houston Rockets mobile app with our very own Micah Kamla in the first ever YinzCast from October 2019.

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