Product Spotlight: Cincinnati Bengals Ring of Honor Ballot

Bengals mobile app
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Celebrating Bengals’ legends and legacies in a digital way. Who Dey?

In 2021, the Cincinnati Bengals launched a special Ring of Honor to celebrate club legends. The club’s Ring of Honor serves to recognize former players, coaches and other club officials who have played a significant role in the history of the club.

The inaugural Bengals Ring of Honor class will contain four members, two of which are Paul Brown and Anthony Muñoz. The other two inductees are to be chosen from a list of 17 nominees, and will be announced at a special Ring of Honor home game this upcoming season. Pro Football Hall of Fame members will be automatically inducted.

Throughout the 2020 season, the Bengals were thoughtful and intentional in using their mobile app to provide their season-ticket members with unique benefits and experiences. For example, season-ticket members can avail of digital Pro Shop discount cards within the Bengals mobile app.

In keeping with this, the Bengals wanted their season-ticket members to be involved in deciding the other two members of the inaugural Ring of Honor class. We worked closely with Elizabeth Blackburn (Director of Strategy and Engagement), Caroline Blackburn (Senior Manager of Digital Strategy), Duane Haring (Director of Ticket Sales & Service) and Michael LaPlaca (Digital Media Specialist) of the Bengals to build a first-of-its-kind ballot feature to enable season-ticket members to weigh in on their choices for the two other inductees.

Using the Bengals mobile app, season-ticket members could navigate to a special members-only section to view the list of 17 nominees for the inaugural Ring of Honor class. Season-ticket members could select 2 names (out of the 17) to submit their ballot for the 2 additional inductees. In addition, using our platform’s segmented messaging capabilities, the Bengals sent push notifications to season-ticket members who had not yet voted, to remind them of the this unique opportunity to weigh in on the Ring of Honor.

“We want to be a leader in the digital space and deliver the best fan experience in all ways we engage Bengals fans. It’s been exciting to see the steps we took to improve our App with YinzCam in the last year and we saw the Ring of Honor voting as a unique opportunity to do something nobody else has done before. Executing our inaugural Ring of Honor voting through our app allowed us to put a modern spin on our team’s history and tradition.”
— Caroline Blackburn, Senior Manager of Digital Strategy

“We partnered with YinzCam to build the Ring of Honor voting to drive strategic priorities such as App adoption and smoothly on-boarding season ticket members to single-sign-on. During the offseason, we grew SSO profiles by over 30%. The execution positioned us to highlight this exclusive experience for our season ticket members and leverage our fan data to execute the voting. We are happy with the user experience and the results.”
— Elizabeth Blackburn, Director of Strategy & Engagement

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