Senior AR/VR Developer

YinzCam, Inc. seeks a Senior AR/VR Developer in Pittsburgh, PA, to create new augmented and virtual reality experiences for professional sports teams/stadiums by analyzing user needs and software requirements and applying principles and techniques of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis. Other duties include: (i) consulting with customers and/or YinzCam’s business representatives to determine customer needs with regard to application performance, then developing software in accordance with required specifications and application needs; (ii) integrating AR/VR experiences with existing application for both Android and iOS platforms; (iii) experimenting with the latest VR/AR technologies to  develop prototypes for demonstration to YinzCam customers; (iv) using extensive knowledge of Unity3d game engine, C#, and Java programming language to develop experience for multiple platforms, screens, form factors and densities; (v) participating in full app lifecycle: concept, design, build, deploy, test and release to app store; (vi) identifying and correcting problems uncovered during testing and quality assurance processes to determine the feasibility of design within time and cost constraints; (vii) using System version control systems like Git to write and maintain software; and (viii) utilizing outside APIs and build tools to speed up the development process.

Must have a master’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Entertainment Technology or Computer Science (with a concentration in Computer Graphics or Game Design & Development) or a directly related field. In the alternative, will accept a bachelor’s degree in one of the above-noted fields and two (2) years of experience in a related position. 

Must have any experience: (i) developing applications using Unity and/or Unreal Engine; (ii) with various aspects of game design and development (3D, UI, gameplay, sound, physics, rendering, etc.); (iii) using programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, Python; (iv) with rapid prototyping and developing applications using modern VR products such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.; (v) with cross platform mobile development experience (Android and iOS); (vi) shipping user facing products; and (vii) with Machine Learning, Computer Vision/Image processing with OpenGL/OpenCV or other 3rd party libraries.

Experience can be concurrent.

Must be willing and able to travel up to 10%.

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