Product Spotlight: Fan Reaction Cards

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Have you ever wanted to know how much your fans enjoyed the concessions for the night? Whether your fans had a good parking experience? Whether they enjoyed their gameday experience? Whatever your questions might be, let us help you find those answers with the newly redesigned Fan Reaction Cards inside the YinzCam platform.

Our new Fan Reaction Cards allow fans to interact within the app (tap, click, etc.) when they are presented with a survey/poll type of question to answer.

Within their mobile app, a team can designate the content of the Reaction Card’s question, choose the time to display the question, and select the segment of fans to show the question to (e.g., season ticket members, first-time fans attending a game, fans who just ordered concessions, and so on). We’ve created these types of Fan Reaction Cards so that fans can communicate with their teams in a faster, more seamless way, directly with one tap from their mobile apps.

Here’s how Reaction Cards can be used for fan engagement:

  • Ask fans to participate in a poll
  • Ask fans to participate in a survey
  • Ask fans to vote for their favorite song choice out of a list of songs
  • Ask fans to vote for the MVP of the game
  • Ask fans to provide feedback on a concession item
  • Ask fans for a thumbs-up/thumbs-down on the game-day experience

A Fan Reaction Card can appear after a fan opens the app, or if the fan uses a mobile feature that the team wants to gain feedback on. For example, after a fan purchases a food item, the fan may be presented with a quick question to ask about their food-ordering experience. All the fan has to do is tap/click/slide on the Reaction card.

These types of fan interactions are critical for gauging how fans feel about something during a game, before a game, or after a game. It also gives fans a voice and input into their experience, thereby deepening the relationship between the fans and the team in the long run.

Interactive cards are the natural step in the evolution of our Cards platform, starting from static cards, to data-driven cards (that teams could configure), and now, to Reaction Cards (that fans can modify).

So, what’s next on the horizon?

Stay tuned to our blog, to learn about case studies and best practices from the dynamic, fan-driven personalization in our apps.

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