Mobile Advertising

Our mobile apps offer a wide-range of opportunities for you to incorporate your marketing partners or sell advertisements, from a presenting partner on your splash screen to banner ads throughout, from pre-roll spots before your team videos. The majority of our ad positions (see below) can be managed through our YinzCam CMS and integrated with DoubleClick (DFP), as well.

In addition to traditional advertising options, our talented team of designers and programmers can develop a custom activation for a more engaging fan experience for your sponsors, including mobile sweepstakes, Augmented Reality features or interactive games, all of which can incorporate your partners’ branding in creative ways.

You can even send geo-targeted push notifications for drive-to-retail promotions, or to inform fans in a specific area (stadium, city, neighborhood) about a special offer from one of your marketing partners.

Advertising Types
  • Splash-screen branding
  • Dynamic banner ads
  • Full-page interstitial ads
  • Full-page interactive ads
  • Paralax ads
  • Sponsor bar
  • Pre-roll integration
  • Inline ads
  • Inline cards-style ads
  • Page-loading spinner
  • Inline photo-gallery tile takeover
  • Digital watermark on page