Augmented Reality

In addition to developing mobile apps for teams, leagues, venues and events, we have assembled an in-house roster of programmers, who are dedicated to creating augmented reality experiences. 

AR augments a live view of a real-world environment or object (i.e. arena scoreboard, concourse signage, printed game program, beverage can), by introducing 3D graphics and animations to the scene when viewed through the built-in video camera inside an iOS or Android app.  Through our computer-vision algorithms, our AR team can create interactive games for your fans to play inside your stadium, or design engaging experiences to bring a physical object to life.

Additionally, each AR feature can be utilized to collect data and can incorporate your marketing partners in a unique and memorable way. 

Clients who have used our AR platform

  • Boston Celtics (printed roster turned live shot chart)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (hoops game off arena scoreboard)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (sponsor activation with Coke cans)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (souvenir cups promotion)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (in-stadium AR exhibits)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (5K run/walk, bike ride – AR medals)
  • Phoenix Suns (50th anniversary scavenger hunt)
  • Seattle Seahawks (raise the AR “12” flag)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (AR uniform filters)
  • Toronto Raptors (face paint and shooting contest)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (in-venue game & photo wall)