Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering

Our mobile food & beverage platform allows your fans to order food and drinks from their seat, either for in-seat delivery or express pickup at one of the concession stands in your venue.

For the fan who opens up your app, there are
generally two different flows they can go through. One would be if you’re
doing an in-seat delivery flow. A user opens up
the mobile ordering section of the app, and they are asked to enter in their
seating location and name. Subsecquently, we take the user to a menu based off of where their seat location is. Generally
speaking for in-seat delivery, a user gets routed to a particular kitchen at
the arena, based off of where they are seated.


So a user is taken directly to a menu, and view all of the
items that are available… both food as well as drink.. they can add as many
items as they want, based on the business rules… once they’ve decided to check
out, they go through the check-out flow… they add a credit card, or
alternatively, they can use something like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and … then
the user will submit their order, and after a certain amount of time, the
runner brings the food to their seat.

The secondary way for a user to
order is with express pick up … a pretty similar flow… user will enter into the
app, and be asked to enter some sort of information… section number… up to the
client… shown a list of all the different locations near their seat. They can
search for the menu item they want, or by section… searching and filtering the
list of locations. After they pick the location, the user can add as many items
as they want from that location. Or even different locations… beer from one,
sandwich from another… it allows you to have multiple different locations at
one time.


Clients utilizing our F&B platform:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Detroit Lions
  • Houston Rockets
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Toronto Raptors