Our Services

Take a closer look at some of the more popular services that we develop in-house for our league, team and event clients.

Our team and league apps are designed to give fans anything they might need at a moment’s notice.

Augmented reality allows fans to use their phones’ camera to detect and transform real-world objects.

Our proprietary, real-time analytics platform allows clients to track page-views, dwell-time, push-analytics and ad performance.

Whether you go to a venue frequently or are just visiting it for the first time, our venue apps will make the trip easier.

True fans never want to miss a play. Our in-stadium mobile replay technology brings the best part about watching at home to the fans at the game.

Our IPTV product allows you to deliver video to thousands of screens inside your venue, to display content, concessions and directional signage. 

We offer a variety of options to keep fans engaged within your app, including trivia, prediction games, match games, AR competitions and more.

Our mobile-loyalty program rewards fans for different types of activity within the app or venue.

Our mobile F&B platform allows your fans to order food and drinks, either for in-seat delivery or express pickup in your venue.